Inside Infinity Charter School

Infinity was conceived by Nancy Hall and Doug Morrow. In the fall of 2000, Ms. Hall, Mr. Morrow and two Central Dauphin parents, Cynthia Doherty and Kathleen Jessop, wrote a planning grant for Infinity and submitted it to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This grant was successful and helped fund the initial application process.

There was a long period of denials and appeals, but the Infinity Board voted on July 8, 2003, to move forward to open the school. Between July 8th and August 26th, we secured and renovated a building, enrolled students, hired staff, and purchased materials and equipment, and did the million other things it takes to start a school. Parents, students and staff worked together to make the vision a reality, and in so doing, created a caring community.

Reporting to the Board and responsible for the overall management of the entire school is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO/Director). This individual is, in effect, the "principal" of the school. The CEO/Director is the school’s educational leader, and focuses on curricular and instructional issues. Reporting to the CEO/Director is the school’s Business Manager. The Business Manager is responsible for financial aspects of the school’s functioning.